21./22. June 2021: Borderstep Impact Forum as part of the ISPIM

Programme Borderstep Impact Forum 2021

Borderstep Impact Forum – virtual: Innovating our Common Future

As part of the ISPIM virtual Conference 2021

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Monday, 21 June 2021

10.55 to 11.25: THOUGHT LEADERS | Facilitator: Klaus Fichter

Who is transforming the world towards sustainability? The innovation role of “bioneers”, ecopreneurs… | Fireside chat with Professor Stefan Schaltegger.

In this virtual fireside chat with Stefan Schaltegger, Professor of Sustainability Management, we will shed light on the role of entrepreneurship for sustainable development. As a starting point we take the leading positioning matrix of ecopreneurship introduced by Stefan more than 20 years ago, examine its further developments and interpretations, and we will discuss the question which values and types of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial organizations are transforming and could further transform the world towards sustainability.

12.45 to 13.45: ACADEMIC RESEARCH RESULTS | Facilitator: Marc Karahan

Sustainability impacts of start-ups: Evidence-based insights on the environmental and social impacts of new ventures

  • Yasmin Olteanu, Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, and Klaus Fichter, University of Oldenburg, Germany: Sustainability Transformers: An Empirical Investigation of the Transformative Capacity of Start-ups
  • Constanze Trautwein, Borderstep Institute, Berlin: The influence of gender diversity on sustainability impact performance intentions and growth performance intentions of start-ups
  • Denise Fischer, RWTH Aachen University: The Yin and Yang of Sustainability Impacts: Sustainable Entrepreneurs’ Awareness for Positive and Negative Impacts
15.15 to 16.15: INSIGHTS & METHODS FOR INDUSTRY AND STARTUPS | Facilitator: Alexander Schabel

Impacts of Green Venture Investment Funds

  • Dr. Michael Brandkamp, European Circular Bioeconomy Fund, General Partner ECBF
  • Jörgen Bodin, Almi Invest GreenTech, VC-Fund of the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and Almi Invest, Stockholm (tbc)
  • Fabian Queisner, Head of Strategy & Operations, Eternity.Health

Session powered by Grüne Gründungen stärken, supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

16.25 to 17.25: INSIGHTS & METHODS FOR INDUSTRY AND STARTUPS | Facilitator: Constanze Trautwein

Sustainable Finance Strategies in Venture Capital

  • Dr. Jörg Goschin, KfW Capital, Germany, CEO: ESG- and Impact Assessment of start-ups, Requirements for Venture Funds
  • Maximilian Bayer, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany: The German Sustainable Finance Strategy, Implications for start-up financing

Session powered by Grüne Gründungen stärken, supported by Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

10.05 to 11.05: INSIGHTS & METHODS FOR INDUSTRY | Facilitator: Frans Stel


Co-creation: Experiences of student business collaboration in sustainable business development. Case: „Circular Challenge“ workshop

  • Frans Stel, University of Twente Netherlands: Student/business collaboration concepts: success factors & lessons learned
  • Giulia Viero, Manager Sustainability ECOR: Business perspective: corporate added value
  • Students perspective: personal added value of Hanna Zanatta, a Master student from Linköping University
11.15 to 12.15: INSIGHTS & METHODS FOR INDUSTRY | Facilitator: Frans Stel


Co-creation: New student/business challenge-formats for sustainable impact

  • Olof Hjelm and Charlotte Norrman, Linköping University, Sweden: Good practices of co-designing international virtual challenge formats
  • Klaus Fichter and Karsten Hurrelmann, University of Oldenburg, Germany: Infrastructure, intermediation services and measuring impact
  • Frans Stel, University of Twente, Netherlands: New challenge programs: full-term & special topics
13.45 to 14.45: INSIGHTS & METHODS FOR INDUSTRY | Facilitator: Constanze Trautwein

Using technology to assess the sustainability impact of new ventures. The benefits of bringing human and artificial intelligence together

  • Jannic Horne, ImpactNexus GmbH, Berlin, Co-founder & CEO
  • Thomas Schulz, AQAL Capital GmbH, Munich, Co-founder & Managing Director
  • Leehe Skuler, Global Impact Tech Alliance, Tel Aviv, Co-founder & CEO