21. Juni 2021: Borderstep Impact Forum as part of the ISPIM

Programme 2021

Borderstep Impact Forum: Sustainability Impact Assessment of New Ventures.

Due to the Corona Situation the conference will be postponed from 8 June 2020 to the period 20 to 23 June 2021.

Instead, ISPIM will be going virtual this year on the same dates as the original conference, 7-10 June 2020. The ISPIM Innovation Conference 2020 website is www.ispim-virtual.com

21 June 2021, 13:30 to 18:20, Ellington Hotel, Berlin.

As part of the ISPIM Conference 2020


13.30 to 14.30: Academic research results | Facilitator: Florian Lüdeke-Freund

Sustainability impacts of start-ups: Evidence-based insights on the environmental and social impacts of new ventures

  • Stefan Schaltegger: Market transformation through sustainable entrepreneurship
  • N.N.: One academic paper selected from submissions to the ISPIM conference XXX
  • Klaus Fichter and Yasmin Olteanu: Sustainability impact assessment of start-up support programs
14.40 to 15.40: Insights and case studies for industry | Facilitator: Jannic Horne

Impact management of new ventures: Insights from good practice case

Presentation and discussion of 3 good practice cases, A mixture of practitioners reports and academic case studies

  • Constanze Trautwein: Do sustainability-oriented start-ups manage their impacts differently? Insights from explorative case studies.
  • Alexander Schabel: The use of sustainability assessment tools in accelerators and public funding schemes
  • N.N.: One academic or industry presentation selected from submissions to the ISPIM conference
16.10 to 17.10: Methods and tools for business practice | Facilitator: Yasmin Olteanu

Impact assessment approaches and tools for start-ups and investors

  • Linda Bergset: The German DIN-Standard for sustainability assessment of start-ups
  • Natalia Realpe Carrillo: Cost effective software solutions support impact makers in enabling a better life for those in need, Hedera
  • Jannic Horne: ImpactNexus – AI-based scouting and assessment of impact ventures
17.20 to 18.20: Innovation and sustainability thought leader | Facilitator: Klaus Fichter

Borderstep Impact Roundtable: How to measure and manage the sustainability impact of new ventures?

  • Karl H Richter, EngagedX
  • Natalia Realpe Carrillo, Hedera (start-up) (tbc)
  • Frank Ackermann, SDG Investments