From November 25 to 27 the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI) and its Executive Director Fred Walti, and Vice President Partnerships, Ian Harris, visited the Borderstep Institute in Berlin, Germany. LACI was founded by the City of Los Angeles in 2011 to support startups in the cleantech and green economy sectors. more
New project: StartUp4Climate
A start-up initiative for the low carbon economy
New project: SHIFT - Support Systems for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Transformation
SHIFT is the first research project worldwide that is explicitly and comprehensively investigating the impact of support systems for sustainable entrepreneurship and developing strategies for adapting these systems in order to specifically target sustainable entrepreneurs and “green” start-ups. more
Green Economy StartUp Monitor
The Borderstep Institute has developed a new information instrument to identify business startups in the areas of climate protection, clean tech and sustainability.
Now available in English:
On the occasion of the Borderstep Conference "Success and Failure of 'green' innovations" two brochures were published in English.
Roadmap “Resource-efficient workplace computer solutions 2020: Developing a lead market for Green Office Computing”.
Now available:
Innovation Communities - Teamworking of Key Persons as a Success Factor in Radical Innovation
Self-organising networks have become the dominant innovators of complex technologies and radical innovation. The growing need for co-operation to ensure innovation success calls for a broader understanding of what makes innovation projects successful and requires new concepts. The book introduces the new concept of “innovation communities”, defining them as informal networks of like-minded individuals who act as innovation promotors or champions. more